Define The Commons #2

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Define the commons #2, is the second serie of 10 videos of definitions of the commons, (presented below), produced by Communautique and VECAM for Define The Commons. This serie has been gathered at the World Science and Democracy Forum, organized at Dakar in February 2011,


Define The Commons is a multilingual project sharing definitions of commons. It is a process of collecting spontaneous and very brief definitions of the commons, made ​​over several years and in different places around the world.

The project started in the first by interviewing people during the first International Commons Conference, co-organized by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Commons Strategies Group, in Berlin November 1 and 2, 2010. The conference organizers and participants were invited to define the commons with just one sentence in their own langage. Since 2010, many other definitions have been collected during other meetings.

Future developpement

Collection of the definitions of the commons continues. It is open to individuals and organizations contributions to define the paradigm of the commons. Publications and uses of the collection of definitions are in preparation, such as a mapping of the definitions of the commons. This project will also contribute to the creation of a glossary of commons through the identification of the terms used in the definitions.

If you want to participate, please sent an email to Alain Ambrosi (ambrosia/at/ or Frédéric Sultan (fredericsultan/at/


This initiative is an idea of Alain Ambrosi. Join contributors in the wiki-page.


The project have been launched within the framework of the prototyping phase of Remix The Commons supported by the International Organization of Francophonie and the Foundation for the Progress of Human (FPH).

Contribution of Remix The Commons

Remix The Commons is the methodological and technical support of this approach.