Charter of Remix

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Version 0.2 – December 17th 2011

What is Remix the Commons?

Remix the Commons is an open intercultural space for sharing and co-creating multimedia documents about the commons. Remix the Commons supports production, animation and distribution projects on the commons.

What are the shared resources of Remix the Commons?

Remix the Commons offers a catalogue of documents in different forms about the commons, categorized by type of commons and by issue for the movement of the commons.

What can Remix the Commons do for you?

The website of Remix the Commons allows you to distribute and share your documents, to use and freely remix the documents that have been added by users who have authorized it. Remix the Commons also offers pedagogical, technical and operational assistance to people with production, animation and remixing projects.

Who can use Remix the Commons?

The resources shared by Remix the Commons are made available to everyone, including individuals and organizations.

What are your responsibilities?

To share and take part in Remix the Commons by adhering to its mission, its values and its rules of functioning.
To pay special consideration to people, particularly to the authors and contributors, and take care of the tools and media of Remix the Commons.
To contribute to the media catalogue, help with maintenance and the improvement of the pedagogical, logistic, conceptual, material and technical resources and participate in the governance of Remix the Commons.
To contribute to the documentation of the project, the shared resources and the governance of Remix the Commons.

How are the resources shared in Remix the Commons?

The documents

The media documents shared by Remix the Commons are the property of their authors and are put under the intellectual property license of their choice. The media files are put under a free license : CC BY, CC.BY.SA, Dom Pub, C0, and can be added to the Remix the Commons collection, as well as hosted and distributed on the Remix platform.

Remix the Commons encourages the authors of the original media documents and remixed documents to put their work under an intellectual property license that permits the remixing and the reuse of the contents and insures the viral distribution of these documents.

The catalogue

The catalogue of media documents of Remix the Commons is a collective and collaborative work within which the contents are put under a Creative Commons BY SA license so that each contributor owns the rights to his or her contributions.

The platform

The tools, the developed processes and the documentation of Remix the Commons are based on software and technologies that are open source or under copyleft licenses.

How is Remix the Commons governed?

Remix the Commons is a common good. Its governance is collective and collaborative.
By governance, we mean a process of reflection, decision making and evaluation based on open and enlightened partnerships between the different stakeholders of the project, at the local as well as global level and in an intercultural group dynamic.

Remix the Commons’ governance is horizontal. Remix the Commons’ decisions are taken by the general assembly of users who wish to become a part of the collective. This collective meets regularly and the decisions are made by means of a discussion list of which the archives are made public. The decisions are adopted by consensus or on the principle that one person equals one voice.

The authentically open governance of Remix the Commons respects the principles of communication and participation of the public. Remix the Commons ensures that genuinely accessible means are made available in terms of ergonomics, accessibility and limiting technical pre-requisites. Remix the Commons has the vocation to liberate itself from the heart of its founding collective.

Who can contribute and finance Remix the Commons?

Remix the Commons’ means are assembled through the pooling of resources from individual and organizations volunteers. They ensure not to report separately to the same donors and to keep public their financing and contributions to the project.

What Remix the Commons is not?

  • Remix the Commons is not a library or encyclopedia on the commons.
  • Remix the Commons is not a multimedia production company.
  • Remix the Commons is not a space which collects all media managed in the commons. It is not a substitute of Wiki Commons for example.

The Remix the Commons Charter is a tool in constant evolution that develops with the project’s contributors.