Screening – debate: Commons in the political space

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Organized by Remix The Commons, VECAM and radio Libre @ Toi

Projection debate: Commons in political space,
Broadcast live by the radio Libre @ Toi,
7 April 2017, from 18:30 to 20:30
At the Foundation for the Progress of Man, 38, rue Saint Sabin, 75011 Paris – France

What are the relations between commons and politic?

After the conquest of city governement by the commons candidates in the large Spanish cities, the introduction in the constitution of “buen vivir” (Bolivia and Ecuador), the development of community’s charters in Great Britain and the regulations for the protection of the common goods by Italian cities, ZADIism and Zapatista experience, assemblies of commoners throughout the Western world, … recent years have seen the commons enrich their experience of politics. How can it inspire us in France?

Come to debate after the screening of the short documentary “Les communs dans l’espace politique” (23 ‘), based on the testimonies of the actors involved in all these initiatives, of the place of the commons in the transformation of politics, the lessons that can be drawn from some of these experiences, and the challenges and dynamics of the commons movement.

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Par Sylvia Fredriksson Certains droits réservés

At the moment when the presidential campaign is in full swing in France. Which candidate has not yet incorporated this notion in his vocabulary, sometimes playing on the polysemy of terms and sailing between “Common Good”, “common” or “common goods”? This echo indicates both a great penetration of this notion in society and a need to give a stronger consistency around the idea that we are able to develop mechanisms of cooperation that start from our needs and usages to build new rights.

In this debate, we will focus more on the transformation of possible practices in the French political sequence, elections, loss of credit for the institutional system, than to make an inventory or a comparison of electoral measures or promises of the candidates and parties.

“The commons in the political space” (23 ‘) is a document realized from interviews of activists met on the occasion of the World Social Forum and the World Forum of social economy GSEF which took place in Montreal in August and September 2016. The documentary and interviews will be available on in the coming days.

Remix The Commons is an intercultural space for sharing and co-creating multimedia documents on the commons. The project is carried out by an intercultural collective composed of people and organizations who believe that the collection, exchange and remix of stories, definitions and images … of the commons are an active and convivial way to disseminate it in society.

Radio Libre @ Toi will broadcast this live debate and podcast, prefiguring the activities of the radio Causes Communes on the airwaves.

Vecam is an association that contributes to the political and social decoding of the digital age since 1995.