Soustainable Fishing In Meditarranean Sea

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Pêche durable en Méditarranée, a short documentary published by FNE PACA with the support of Fondation Itancia.

Language : French

An interesting video on the very practical forgotten and marginalized coastal fisheries in the Mediterranean with the institution of prudhommies. Fishermen elect the office prudhommies who will control fishing practices based on established rules, which eventually will judge fishermen who would depart from the rules. One wonders how these institutions will have to resist and maintain given the pressure from all sides they suffered to go.

Long practiced in the Mediterranean fisheries “small business” is a practice of sustainable fisheries in several respects. Find out in this story what are the specifics of these practices, and more importantly, what are the advantages for the nearshore and shallow so rich and diversified our Mediterranean coasts.

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Fond de dotation ITANCIA