Mapping the commons

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A workshop mapping the commons will take place at Rio (Brazil) from 18 to 26 of october 2013, coordinated by Pablo de Soto with the collaboration of Bernardo Gutiérrez and the support of MediaLab (Madrid).

Mapping the commons was developed by Pablo Soto. This initiative aims to produce with inhabitants, activists in the place, living maps, consisting of short video documentaries and vidéoposts. The proposed approach takes the form of an intense multi-day workshop with communication students and activists to find the Commons, define and make them visible in the territory by producing media that form the map.

Pablo Soto initiated this approach around urban commons of istanbul and Athens . See the work done about Taksim Square , whose privatization was one of the starting points of protest in Turkey this year. The mapping is a strategic tool. To research of the urban commons is a process of mapping the space, that Pablo Soto understand “as proposed by Deleuze and Guattari, and used many artists and activists during the last decade, as a performance which can be thinking, artistic work, or social change”.

On 20 March 2013, a wikisprint was performed in Barcelona using the same principles and methodology . Under the title ” Global P2P ” , it was to map Common practices and P2P in Latin America and southern Europe. See in English # GlobalP2P , the wind that shook the net .

Rio next step Mapping the commons is one of the cities that comes from living like the rest of Brazil, an intense social and political mobilization against international festivities that tend to privatize public space . Many consider these mobilizations, their claims and modes of organization fall within the paradigm of Commons. See analysis on the subject of Bernardo Gutierrez in el viento that desordeno las redes and Alexandre Mendes in A atualidade uma das democracia mobilizacoes do comum e.

To go further , we recommand to read the article Mapping the Commons Workshop: Athens and Istanbul , Pablo De Soto, Daphne Dragona , Aslihan Şenel , Demitri Delinikolas José Pérez de Lama