Chartes de gouvernance

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Which governance for the “Remix the commons” project and what governance model in the commons movement ?
Lead by LARTES-IFAN, the coordination of governance worked on establishing a prototype of the governance charter and of the REMIX platform. It has produced two 12 minutes documentary films on experiments of conception and implementation of charters, one for a neighbourhood of Dakar and the other on the national Senegalese charter, as an exemplary process of creation of Common good. It has also gathered a number of resources and chosen links whether to ease a documentation need or to widen the opportunity of scientific collaborations in the area of the social economy and the Commons movement.

Futur development

Research on the use of governance charters are going on and will be elements of reflection to the commoners.


Abdou Salam Fall and Abdou Rahmane Seck, researchers at LARTES, Sénégal


the “Governance charters project” is part of the research work conducted by LARTES IFAN. It was partly financed by “Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie” through “Remix the commons”

The contribution of “Remix the commons”

“Remix the commons” is a meeting space for researchers and practitioners towards the development of governance practices based on commons.