Commons Economy Rising

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Video créée par Connor Turland pour la campagne de collecte de fonds pour l’organisation du séminaire « Commons based economy » de Quilligan School of Commoning à Londres

Texte de la vidéo :

There are at least 2 major factors at play in the universe.
For our purposes we’ll call them Unity … and Diversity.
Generally today, we tend to you think that you just can’t have both.
And consequently, as a human, you can’t be working towards both. You’re either working towards this. Or this. And that decides which camp you’re in, warring against the other.
Predictably, this gets us a net progress of … NOWHERE.
The same place that 1 dimensional, polaristic thinking is getting us.
So what if we thought in another dimension.
Collectively, what we’ve gained over here…we’ve lost over here.
The Commons is the word that encompasses all those things that have been depleted to get us where we are today.
We are rapidly depleting the social, cultural, intellectual, natural, genetic, and material commons.
But can we replenish this…
Without losing what we’ve gained?
Frankly, millions of people, and institutions, businesses, and even countries already are.
And whether everyone knows it or not, we all seem to be converging…
On what? … we could call it a Commons-Based Economy.
But time is of the essence! As other forces threaten to throw us into a worse dark age than ever.
That’s why the people in this campaign are working tirelessly for me AND we to support the emergence of a commons-based economy.
Help us help the world as we build a commons for the commons.
That means learning resources, a learning platform, and sharing the vital work of James Quilligan, who just gave 12 seminars in 12 days on the emergence of a commons-based economy.
It will take all of our collective intentions and intelligence to learn our way together towards the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible.
To take the human project to the next dimension, we need nothing less than a mass movement.
Internet, your move.