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By posting the 76 clips of the video interviews totalling 8 hours run time, produced at the Berlin Economics and the Commons conference, Remix the Commons initiates two new series on the Commons while adding to the already existing series on the definitions of the Commons.

The first series named Economics and the Commons includes 13 video individual interviews and round table discussions facilitated by us or the event organisers. The themes chosen reflect the conference streams on topics like: Natural commons management; Working and Caring; Knowledge,Culture and Science; Money, Market and Value; Infrastructures. Their duration varies between 5 and 35 minutes and the series totals 5 hours run time.

An Agenda for the Commons includes 11 videos covering themes such as education and the culture of the Commons, research, the political dimension and the relationship to the State.They total 3 hours and 10 minutes.

Define/définir/definir the Commons is composed of 53 short interviews responding to the question : « If you had to define the Commons in one sentence, what would it be?” Most of the interviews are in English, but 28 of them are in the original language of the participant. This series was begun at the 2010 Berlin conference and has been enriched during several international meetings of different social movements around the world since then. The series counts more than a hundred clips now.

The 76 clips of the video interviews done at the ECC in Berlin totals around 8 hours run time. Their aim is to contribute to documenting the conference, and they should thus be seen as a complement to the excellent report by David Bollier and the websites prepared by the Heinrich Boell Foundation

All the clips have been catalogued on the Remix The Commons platform allowing for consultation, research by topics, contributors, language. Each entry allows also an access to the rushes for potential new uses and remix.

Alain Ambrosi and Frédéric Sultan