Atlas of the Charters of the Urban Commons

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How to equip the inhabitants with tools and methods that allow them to claim the consideration of a joint management of the social, cultural and economic resources of urban life? We believe that knowledge and mastery of legal mechanisms that allow urban commons to prosper, is an essential part of the answer to this question.

Atlas of the Charters of the Urban Commons is to provide socio-technical device to appropriate these tools, by articulating three actions:

  1. achieve and maintain an open and interactive inventory of legal mechanisms dedicated to the implementation of urban commons.
  2. provide a collective space for analysis and interpretation of the governance mechanisms of the urban commons that will produce a new shared knowledge among commoners in a cross-cultural perspective.
  3. provide a space for exchange and mutual aid around the development of charters and legal instruments for the regeneration or creation of urban commons.

Analysis of the Bologna regulation :

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